Do you ever run out of creative ways to say "Thank You?"? Here are some great ideas to get those creative juices flowing again.

From an excellent article in the November / December 2004 Women of the Harvest magazine, (, here are some creative ways to say "Thank You" to our ministry partners.

You can download this as a pdf here.

  • God has used you greatly to encourage us
  • God has used your gift greatly to help us keep going here in __
  • It is comforting to us that God uses His people (you!) to minister to us through your gifts
  • Thanks for being part of our ministry team
  • Thanks for being an important part of our support team
  • Thanks for being a part of our team
  • We pray that God will provide for you for being so good to us
  • Thanks for giving to the Lord and designating it in our direction
  • You came to our rescue by helping us meet our needs / some recent needs
  • Your financial gift helped us through a difficult time
  • We had the biggest smile on our faces when we received your donation
  • You sent us just the right amount at just the right time
  • We are thankful to God and to you for the financial help you have been to us
  • We are thanking God first for your gifts to us, and now we want to thank you, too
  • Thank you for impacting our lives and ministry with your gifts
  • We believe that there will be people we are reaching here that will be standing before the throne someday because of your giving
  • God has used your gifts to increase our faith
  • God has used your gifts to help our ministries
  • God has used your gift to show His love and care for us
  • You have added so much to our lives
  • You have really impacted our lives and ministries with your giving
  • Thanks for your donations which help us impact the people we came to reach
  • What would we do without your faithful gifts
  • Thank you for entrusting us with your gifts
  • You will always be special to us because of the way that God has used your giving in our lives and ministry
  • Thank you for your thoughtful ways
  • Thank you for brightening our day with your giving
  • Thank you for the friendship (love) expressed in your donations to us
  • So wonderful to receive word of your gracious / generous / timely gift(s)
  • Your gift arrived at such a great time
  • Your gift met a great need we had
  • Your gift helped meet a (great / big / unexpected) need we had
  • Thanks for your readiness to share with us in our time of need
  • Thanks for your readiness to share with us in our work for the Lord
  • Thanks for sharing with our family
  • Thanks for working so hard that you can give to the Lord?s work
  • Thanks for adding to our lives / ministries with your gifts
  • Thanks for making such a difference in our lives
  • Thanks for being so thoughtful of us and our needs
  • Thanks for being your generous self
  • Thanks for thinking of us with your giving
  • Thanks for remembering us here in far off _____ with your giving
  • Thanks for being there for us month by month with your faithful giving to our ministry
  • Thank you ? one of our most treasured friends
  • Warmest thanks to a real jewel
  • Thanks to a jewel of a friend
  • The donations means so much coming from you
  • We especially appreciate your gifts because we value you (or value your friendship) so much
  • We were delighted with your latest gift
  • We feel honored that you would support our ministry
  • We are so appreciative / grateful / touched / moved by your gifts to our family
  • Your large donation left us speechless
  • Thank you for your gracious / amazing / thoughtful / remarkable / special / outstanding gift / donation
  • You have outdone yourself with all of your giving to us
  • You have been more generous / kind / thoughtful than we deserve
  • Thanks for making our day / month with your giving to our family
  • Thank you for letting God use you in a powerful way in our lives

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