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Darius Walker

Darius Walker

It was written by Darius Walker (pseudonym). Darius has served, and may continue to serve, in security sensitive areas, and so a pen name is necessary so that his real name is not linked to Christian missions on the internet.

Why did he choose the name “Darius Walker”? Darius, in Ezra 6, was used by God to provide the material goods to carry out God’s work. This Darius likewise hopes that Be a Fully Funded Missionary results in meeting the material needs to carry out God’s work.

Now, “Walker “is from “Skywalker” because … do you really have to ask why somebody would want that name?!

Email him at darius dot walker at beafullyfundedmissionary.com, or catch him at Google+.

Friday, 15 November 2013 00:00

6 Ways to make your Prayer Letter Better Now

Are you surprised when you discover that many recipients of your prayer letters don’t read them? Here are six ways you can make them better right now. Your supporters will thank you for it. (I’m going to assume that you send them via email, but they will improve hard copies too!)