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Tips from People Raising

Bill Dillon has some great support development tips over at www.peopleraising.com.   Here are the titles to his tips along with a brief summary of each article.  Follow the links to read the full articles on his website.

people_raising_bannerBill Dillon is the author of the excellent book People Raising. In addition, Bill's website at www.peopleraising.com has some great support development tips and articles that well worth reading.

Here are the titles of some of his tips along with a brief summary of each article.  Follow the links to read the full articles on his website.

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4 Responses to Expect As You Raise Funds

As you ask for funds, I’ll guarantee there will be 4 typical responses you’ll hear from your prospects or donors.

3 Types of Pledges

Whether raising individual support or organizational funds, we all live and die on those who provide regular, consistent, ongoing, pledged support. There are at least 3 options in securing a pledged gift.

5 Keys to a Good Ask for Funds

When seeking to raise funds, many people walk out of their appointment having had a nice conversation but never really being successful in asking for funds. There are 5 keys to a good ask for funds.

3 Common Fund Raising Problems

When raising personal funds, organizational funds or coaching others, trouble shooting your ask is critical. When doing so, I have found 3 common problems.

3 Phrases to Avoid Using

When it comes to asking for funds, wording is everything. Using the wrong wording can result in a lost opportunity and a loss of needed funds. When asking for funds there are 3 phrases you will want to avoid like a plague.

3 Steps to Take with Lapsed Donors

What's the best way to follow up with donors who have stopped giving? Should I send them a letter? Should I wait it out? Should I write them off?

3 More Donor Personality Types

As we make contacts with donors and prospects we can expect to find different personality types. Here are three more personalities you are bound to meet during your fund raising experience.

3 Reasons to Go Back for More Funds

When do you go back to an existing donor and ask for more funds? I can think of at least 3 scenarios that offer you the opportunity to go back to a donor and ask them for more funds.

3 Ways to Capture Information on Your Donors

If you and I are to be effective in People Raising, we need to be in the business of getting to know our donors and prospects. There are at least 3 ways you and I can capture information on our donors and prospects.

4 Donor Responses

As we work with our donors, there are 4 ways they can respond to us through their giving.

The 3 P's of Fund Raising

Any effective fund raiser needs to consistently practice these 3 key things if he or she ever wants to be successful in raising funds for ministry.

4 Reasons Why People Stop Giving

For every 100 people that stop supporting you, there are 4 reasons why they chose to stop supporting you or your ministry.

3 Funding Sources + 1 Principle

There are at least 3 primary funding sources we can approach as we raise funds, but 1 guiding principle. If we are going to be successful it is vitally important that we apply this 1 guiding principle to these 3 sources.

3 Different Donor Personalities

As you raise funds and meet with prospects and donors, you will encounter many different personalities. Here are 3 that you will undoubtedly encounter.

4 Fund Raising Habits to Avoid

Habits can be either a blessing or a curse. There are at least 4 fund raising habits you need to avoid if you are going to be effective in raising funds.

3 Values of Setting Fund Raising Goals with a Deadline

Setting stretching goals with a realistic deadline is invaluable. For the fund raiser there are 3 values to goal setting.

3 Types of Face-to-Face Meetings

Sometimes we can be under the impression that every face-to-face meeting with our prospects or donors has to involve asking for funds. That simply is not the case.

3 Homework Assignments for the Fund Raiser

When you sit down with a prospect, it is extremely important that you are prepared and do your homework. There are at least three important homework assignments on your part as a fund raiser.

3 Reasons to Ask for the Gift Now

Scenario: You are making a call on a person that knows, trusts, and cares for you.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Tell a Story

As we communicate about our ministry it is important that we tell a story of an individual or individuals being impacted by our ministry. And there are at least 3 reasons why.

3 Disturbing Trends

As a fund raiser you want to measure your results and especially look for trends. There are 3 disturbing trends you need to be looking for:

3 Choices Faced By Your Donors

Our job as fund raisers it to bring a person to a decision. When it comes to that, there are only three choices prospects or donors have at their disposal.

3 Sources for Generating More Funds

When the need comes to raise more funds, we naturally focus on brand new prospects who can join are team. It makes sense to begin there, but we can be short-sighted by focusing on only that one source. It has been my experience that there are at least 3 sources for generating more funds.