Raise Your Support

Ideas, Inspiration, and Tools for Christian Workers Who Raise Ministry Support



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Are you surprised when you discover that many recipients of your prayer letters don’t read them? Here are six ways you can make them better right now. Your supporters will thank you for it. (I’m going to assume that you send them via email, but they will improve hard copies too!)

The website Ask a Missionary is full of excellent resources.
They have an interesting question and answer section on support raising that has some good articles.   Some of the topics addressed are:
    • What perspective should I take towards support-raising?
    • How do I raise prayer and financial support?
    • Is there any way other than begging for support?
    • Can I go overseas before I have all my funds raised?
    • How can I minimize debt while in school?
    • How do I handle my debts and still go into missions?
    • In what different ways do missionaries plan for retirement?
    • How much money should a missionary raise and how long does that take?
    • Can teams going overseas together raise support collectively with each family drawing from the main pot?

Here are some tips on the website of prayerletters.com.

Follow this link: http://www.prayerletters.com/tips/  

Here is an index to some excellent support raising tips from the Ask a Missionary website:

For many the idea of fund raising is the largest barrier to transitioning from a career to missions or whatever other ministry the Lord has planted in your heart.

Here are scripture tips (from the book Getting Sent): 

Bill Dillon has some great support development tips over at www.peopleraising.com.   

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