Raise Your Support

Ideas, Inspiration, and Tools for Christian Workers Who Raise Ministry Support

Support Raising Tips from "Ask a Missionary"

The website Ask a Missionary is full of excellent resources.
They have an interesting question and answer section on support raising that has some good articles.   Some of the topics addressed are:

    • What perspective should I take towards support-raising?
    • How do I raise prayer and financial support?
    • Is there any way other than begging for support?
    • Can I go overseas before I have all my funds raised?
    • How can I minimize debt while in school?
    • How do I handle my debts and still go into missions?
    • In what different ways do missionaries plan for retirement?
    • How much money should a missionary raise and how long does that take?
    • Can teams going overseas together raise support collectively with each family drawing from the main pot?