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Newsletter Resources

Newsletter Resources

Sending newsletters, both on paper and electronically is an important part of communicating with your ministry partners.

Here are some resources relating to newsletters that you may find helpful.  Do you have a service that you use that you can recommend to us?  If so, give us your recommendation!

Chalkline LogoChalkline is a commercial service for missionary families to help you distribute prayer letters / newsletters / post cards, etc.  Their stated mission is to "help create a direct line between you and your ministry partners using monthly prayer letters, post cards, and newsletters."

You email them the text for your letter and your mailing list, they'll make it beautiful if you want them to, and they will take care of the rest.  Billing is handled via your credit card.

Visit Chalkline's website at www.chalkline.org

prayer letters new logowww.prayerletters.com is a prayer letter sending service.  You upload your newsletter and mailing list, choose the options for your letters and they take care of the rest for you!  They check your layout, print it, stuff the envelopes, and put it in the mail within two weekdays.

What could be easier than that?

Their goal is to help you concentrate on staying engaged in ministry, and allowing them to help you by handling the mechanics of keeping your supporters informed and mobilized for prayer.

Visit their website at www.prayerletters.com