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Training & Seminars

Training & Seminars

get training imageWe all need help to "sharpen the saw," and getting solid, Biblically based training in partnership development and support raising skills is essential.

There are a number of organizations and ministries that offer training to enable people to raise support for their ministries.  Each training program offers its own approach.

Here are some of those that we are aware of and can recommend:

logo-support-raising-comJeff McLinden and Barry McLeish have spent three decades working with ministries in the areas of marketing, communications and fundraising. They have trained hundreds of missionaries how to quickly and successfully raise the funding and partner teams needed to be fully supported.

McLeish and McLinden created an online resource and training center for support raising at Raising-Support.com. This subscription member-based site provides a comprehensive video-based training course for those who need help -- 24/7 from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. 

Several of the course videos modules on the site are available for free, as are a number of articles and other resources.

Kingdom Come Ministries offers a new approach to training people to raise their support through live video conferencing.  The training occurs at your location, an hour and a half per day, four days a week for 3 weeks.

According to Kingdom Come Training, "Raising support isn't primarily about your need for monthly support. God has obligated himself to meet your need. It is primarily about the church's need to connect with its primary purpose for existence: to be the expression of Christ to the nations. No one inspires mission vision better than the missionary raising support. Jerry, at Kingdom Come Training, can equip you with the attitudes, skills and confidence you need to raise your full support in eight to ten months."

He can come to your location, live and interactive, via video conferencing. KCT will send you the equipment and the software you need.

logo-support-raising-solutionsSupport Raising Solutions offers a number of excellent books, an active and helpful blog, and a "Support Raising Boot Camp" seminar.

Their goal is to help staff develop a Biblically healthy perspective on fund raising and partnership development, to develop a workable plan to become fully funded, and to develop a strong, vibrant support team who will stay with you as long as you are in the ministry.

logo_peopleraising.gifPeople Raising is a project of Bill Dillon, the director of Inner City Impact. With the insights and experience he has gained over the years of raising support for his organization, and assisting others to raise their support, he has authored the excellent People Raising book and developed a set of audio and video teaching tapes to help people raise their support faster, and with less fear.

His website at www.peopleraising.com has a lot of helpful articles and tips, as well as resources that you can download and purchase. In addition, he has a monthly e-mail newsletter that is free on request.

support-raising-orgSupport Raising.org has a number of excellent resources on their website to help missionary and university ministry staff raising their financial support. 

Their primary audience is Assembly of God personnel, but you will find some good ideas here regardless of your organizational affiliation.