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Don't Bring Donors a Problem ... Bring a solution

Many people approach donors with a "problem," and see the donor as the solution to that problem.

Turn that around.  Instead of asking your donor to be the solution to your problem, why don't you become the solution to the donor's problem!   Here's how ...

So many times when we approach a potential donors, we are bringing the donor a problem and we are hoping that they will be the solution to our problem.

Although we try to be subtle about it, the conversation usually goes like this:

Hello Mr. Donor.

I have a problem.  And you are the solution to that problem.
I need money.

And, as I said, you are the solution to my problem.
Please give me money.

We have learned many ways to soften this conversation, but this is often at the heart of what we are saying.

How would you respond to a salesman who said, "Hello Mr. Customer. I need to feed my family and pay the rent, so will you please buy this item so I can get money."

Probably you would not respond positively. You are looking for a mutually satisfactory business exchange, and really, you are willing purchase the product that is being sold if it solves your problem.

So, when talking to donors or potential donors, {quotes align=right}we need to see what problem they have that we can help be the solution to. {/quotes}

What problem does a donor have?

So, what problem does a donor have that you can solve?

Essentially, their problem is that God has blessed them, and they know that He wants them to be good stewards of what He has entrusted to them. They want to use their money well where it will make a real difference in the llives of people, through a person or agency that they have confidence in, so that they can feel that they have been faithful to what God has called them to.

It is at this point that we are able to help offer them a solution to their problem, because we can be that agent who, on their behalf, helps them fulfill what God has called them to do.