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John Muehleisen

John Muehleisen

John Muehleisen is the regional strategist for World Gospel Mission in Africa.

He loves to help ministry teams clarify their "wildly important goals" and then connect those teams to the training, networks, people, and resources they need to execute their strategy.

In addition, he is the Transformational Training Coordinator for WGM in Africa.

He and his wife Beth currently live in Kampala, Uganda.  They have two adult daughters who were raised in Nairobi where they lived for almost 20 years prior to moving to Uganda in 2007.

Website URL: http://wgm.org
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60 Great Ways to Say Thank You

Do you ever run out of creative ways to say "Thank You?"? Here are some great ideas to get those creative juices flowing again.

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Kingdom Come Ministries

Kingdom Come Ministries offers a new approach to training people to raise their support through live video conferencing.  The training occurs at your location, an hour and a half per day, four days a week for 3 weeks.

According to Kingdom Come Training, "Raising support isn't primarily about your need for monthly support. God has obligated himself to meet your need. It is primarily about the church's need to connect with its primary purpose for existence: to be the expression of Christ to the nations. No one inspires mission vision better than the missionary raising support. Jerry, at Kingdom Come Training, can equip you with the attitudes, skills and confidence you need to raise your full support in eight to ten months."

He can come to your location, live and interactive, via video conferencing. KCT will send you the equipment and the software you need.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006 22:46

Building Your Support Team

book-building-your-support-team-200The seven sessions of this Series correspond with the chapters in the book, Serving As Senders. Whereas the book addresses the SENDERS and how they can care for the cross-cultural worker, this Audio Training Tape series talks to the GOER about his responsibility to develop the relationships necessary to foster a caring support team. For the fullest and best understanding, the missionary should listen to the tapes and read the book.

Building Your Support Team - $10.00
2 Audio Tapes (2 hours, 20 minutes) 

This book is currently out of print, but here is a link to used copies available for sale on Amazon.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006 22:28

People Raising: a Practical Guide to Raising Support

book-people-raising-2011 by Bill Dillon
2011, Moody Press

In this helpful manual/workbook William Dillon helps you get beyond developing a donor list, to sharing a vision and drawing others into a vital ministry team. It's a highly practical guide that provides the well-honed tools you need to finance the ministry to which God has called you.

People Raising is a ministry that also has these additional tools to reduce the fear of raising support and reducing the time it takes to be fully supported.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006 21:48

Getting Sent

book-getting-sent-200by Pete Sommer
A Relational Approach to Support Raising, c1999, InterVarsity Press

Author Pete Sommer suggests meditation on certain passages to help in accepting God's gift for overcoming this fear. Review these texts outloud and reflect on them, letting their truth echo in your soul.


Wednesday, 13 December 2006 21:40

Funding Your Ministry - Whether You're Gifted or Not!

book-funding-your-ministryby Scott Morton

This book addresses the obstacles for those who raise personal support and those who send them. Whether you're an experienced fund-raiser or just starting out, Funding Your Ministry will help answer your questions and put you on the biblical path for recruiting and maintaining donor support.

Also intended for pastors, Christian leaders, missions committee members, and others interested in helping missionaries become fully funded, Funding Your Ministry is written from the author's own struggles, failures, and victories.

Paperback, 219 pages. $16.00 U.S. + S&H + applicable sales tax, if any.

To order: Order on-line or Call: (719) 594-2100

In addition to the book, Dawson Media also has a best selling video series takes you from that first shaky appointment to making confident appeals to major donors. Grapple with your fears and misconceptions of fundraising as you look at the biblical basis for raising support. Then learn the art of writing stimulating and motivating newsletters.

A four-video series includes an 85-page working notebook. More than 70 Christian organizations worldwide have used it to train their missionaries, with hundreds reaching full funding. We know it can help you too!

Wednesday, 13 December 2006 21:35

Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team That Will Last

book-friend-raising-barnettby Betty Barnett

This video and book are a valuable tool for full-time Christian workers in a variety of ministries, as well as those preparing for or already on the mission field. Additionally, individuals and churches who want to be part of that support team will be helped to better understand their roles. Author, Betty Barnett, has been a long-time YWAMer, and speaks from experience

"Betty Barnett's teaching is not only practical but scriptural. Because it is scriptural, it will work in every part of the world, in all cultures." Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM)

Wednesday, 13 December 2006 00:00

Support Raising Solutions

logo-support-raising-solutionsSupport Raising Solutions offers a number of excellent books, an active and helpful blog, and a "Support Raising Boot Camp" seminar.

Their goal is to help staff develop a Biblically healthy perspective on fund raising and partnership development, to develop a workable plan to become fully funded, and to develop a strong, vibrant support team who will stay with you as long as you are in the ministry.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006 20:06

Tips from People Raising

Bill Dillon has some great support development tips over at www.peopleraising.com.   

{jbtypo_info}Click here to see Bill's entire article archive index.{/jbtypo_info}


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People Raising

logo_peopleraising.gifPeople Raising is a project of Bill Dillon, the director of Inner City Impact. With the insights and experience he has gained over the years of raising support for his organization, and assisting others to raise their support, he has authored the excellent People Raising book and developed a set of audio and video teaching tapes to help people raise their support faster, and with less fear.

His website at www.peopleraising.com has a lot of helpful articles and tips, as well as resources that you can download and purchase. In addition, he has a monthly e-mail newsletter that is free on request.

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