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A New Look at Missionary Support

Written by Ken Williams, Ph.D.

Many of us have been taught that our relationship with "donors" means that we receive money and prayer support, and they receive information.

Nothing more. 

So our goal is to find churches and people who will give to us as to the Lord, expecting very little in return.

But as I translated Philippians for the Chuj people in Guatemala I discovered that Paul was writing a letter to people who were partners with him in serving God(1:5 ,4:15 RSV ).

It was a partnership of "giving and receiving," in which the context and the Greek indicate that each was giving and receiving to each other.

I began to ask myself, "What am I giving to those who support me, besides information?"

As I pondered my relationship with them it became clear that it was not a true partnership. Partnerships are mutual.

But I had been doing almost all of the receiving and very little of the giving.

Thus began a journey which eventually brought me into a delightful new view of missionary support - a paradigm shift from traditional
thought ...

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