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The Ministry of Support-Raising

Written by Team Expansion

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Missionaries do not go it alone. They have people at home who pray for them, send them money, and nurture them. We often call them supporters. Support-raising is not merely the means to an end but should be considered a part of the overall task of world evangelism.

When we say support-raising, we are not speaking of mere fund-raising, although the terms are often used synonymously. But it is much more than that. Support-raising, in the broad sense of the term, is the ministry of sharing with others the burden you have for a people in spiritual poverty. The people to whom you go for support are being asked to share in a ministry of serving the people who are called to serve. Supporters shouldn't be merely people who give money, but who give time, advice, encouragement and who support with their prayers. Support can be defined as those things we need to carry out our mission. And it takes more than money; it takes the cooperation of many people.

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