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Friday, 15 November 2013 16:25

An Overview of the Transformational Giving Participation Architecture

There is change in the wind in the way donors support ministries, and that change is good!

In the past, many donors were content to support you in what you did.  

But more and more, donors don't want simply to support you in what you do, they want to get personally involved in causes that they believe in and are passionate about.

And they also want to help involve their friends in the cause, too.

So, how do we respond to this changing landscape?   

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Friday, 15 November 2013 16:20

Transformational Giving: Three Types of Giving

If you are looking for a good, concise introduction to Transformational Giving, here is a 7 minute introduction to the three types of giving:

  • Subtractional Giving
  • Transactional Giving
  • Tranformational Giving
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Friday, 15 November 2013 00:00

Shining Eyes: That Moment When People "Get It"

A question we want to ask ourselves in fund-raising is, "Are people richer after we leave?" I use the word 'richer' for a reason.

After we talk or share with a person or a group we need to think if are they better off after our time together than they were before we shared.

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Friday, 15 November 2013 00:00

What is a Major Donor?

Does a big gift make you a major donor?

Maybe. If all we want are donors and their money, then I guess a major gift would make you a major donor.

But if we want more than money and giving is about transformation and people, then big dollars are not the only standard of measurement.

In Transformational Giving donors become more than ATM’s, donors become champions of the cause. If this is the case then big gifts and big champions are not necessarily equal.

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Friday, 15 November 2013 00:00

Drop the Sales Pitch!

I am a huge believer in the "Transformational Giving" approach.

Transformational Giving is really more about principles that guide our strategy, which in turn will guide our ‘tactics’.

Wrong strategy leads to wrong tactics.

Could it be that the reason the listener sometimes hears our fund raising presentation as ‘begging’ is because we are using tactics built on poor strategy?

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