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Be a Fully Funded Missionary

book-be-a-fully-funded-missionary-2by Darils Walter

Do you dream about that day when you are fully funded and you can depart for the mission field?

The e-book, Be a Fully Funded Missionary (and it's companion website www.beafullyfundedmissionary.com) takes a look at developing a strong network of supporting churches.  

It is available for download on a donation basis.

Many missionaries use the same tactics and strategies to raise funds for their ministry. For some, it works. They focus exclusively on raising support from individuals.

However, they are lacking a key tool in their support raising toolbox. They don’t have the tools to raise missionary support from churches.

Be a Fully Funded Missionary concentrates on this part of partnership development ... raising missionary support from churches.

For more information, visit www.beafullyfundedmissionary.com

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