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Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00

Be a Fully Funded Missionary

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BeaFullyFundedMissionary.com is devoted to providing the resources missionaries need to raise the missions support necessary to carry out their missionary.

So many missionaries start at 0% and don’t get much farther. Some get to 40%, or some other plateau, and then they eventually give up.  Sadly, the missionaries who get to 100% fast often find that the support fizzles out after a few years.

Be a Fully Funded Missionary is a specific system that missionaries can use to raise support, so that they will be a fully funded missionary.

And the website has a lot of great articles written by Darius Walker (pseudonym). Darius has served, and may continue to serve, in security sensitive areas, and so a pen name is necessary so that his real name is not linked to Christian missions on the internet.

Why did he choose the name “Darius Walker”? Darius, in Ezra 6, was used by God to provide the material goods to carry out God’s work. This Darius likewise hopes that Be a Fully Funded Missionary results in meeting the material needs to carry out God’s work.


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John Muehleisen

John Muehleisen is the regional strategist for World Gospel Mission in Africa.

He loves to help ministry teams clarify their "wildly important goals" and then connect those teams to the training, networks, people, and resources they need to execute their strategy.

In addition, he is the Transformational Training Coordinator for WGM in Africa.

He and his wife Beth currently live in Kampala, Uganda.  They have two adult daughters who were raised in Nairobi where they lived for almost 20 years prior to moving to Uganda in 2007.