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Ideas, Inspiration, and Tools for Christian Workers Who Raise Ministry Support

About the Raise Your Support Website

John MuehleisenWelcome!

My name is John Muehleisen and I'm the webmaster for this website.  Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for clicking on the "About " link.

You're a curious type of person, obviously, so keep exploring.

Welcome to "Raise Your Support," a website with resources for Christian workers who raise their own ministry support.

The site emerged from my own search for resources on the internet to help me raise my own support, and to share with colleagues who were doing the same.

As I realized that there might be a broader usefulness for these materials, i decided to assemble them on a simple website with the hope that others might find them useful.

John's Real Job

Working on this site is a small hobby of mine.   My real job is a lot more fun!

Currently, I am the regional strategist for World Gospel Mission Africa.  I am responsible to work with our various ministry teams (in East Africa) to help them develop ministry strategies that really work and bring out transformational results.  Then, I help connect them to the training, people, and other resources they need in order to successfully execute that strategy.

In other words, it's my job to make their dreams come true ... their dreams of serving God and making a real change in the world for the good and in the name of Jesus.

Is that a great job, or what?

My wife Beth and I have been with World Gospel Mission for about 25 years.  We have two adult daughters:  Holly and Faith.

Holly is currently raising her support to go to Japan with WGM, and Faith is finishing a Masters in Social Work at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Other Stuff I Do

I am also a computer programmer by hobby.   I have written a number of computer programs over the years.  My current project is upgrading the "Donor Manager" ... a database designed just for people who raise their own support.   You can learn more about this project at the Donor Manager website at:  www.donormanager.com.

My Joomla Fascination

I am also a fan of Joomla, a Content Management System for developing database driven websites.  This site is written in Joomla.

I've also got a fairly popular website called "Welcome to Joomla"  (www.welcometojoomla.com) which is a popular resource for people just gettings ttarted in learning how to develop a website using this program.